Help Us Build The World Of Blockchain

With our grants programme, we support fellow enthusiasts around the globe who sees their mission in bringing blockchain technology to global adoption and to make the Web 3.0 come into fruition. With your idea or project, you could help make the world a better, more decentralized place and it’s our mission to help you.

We will personally examine all applications and pick the best and the most promising ideas.

Technical Grant

$5k Technical Grant

If you offer a unique, workable and technical solution for issues facing the blockchain industry, we will help you bring your ideas to life.

Technical Grant

$5k Educational Grant

If you curate educational programmes and courses regarding the history, development, problems and, trends within the blockchain industry will help you to build your platform.

Technical Grant

$5k Other

Offer an idea or vision that can help the blockchain industry widen its influence across the globe and enter people’s day-to-day lives.